InstantPay – Domain verification

The number of your order on Prestashop Addons is not correct

Also in other languages as:

El número de pedido en Prestashop Addons no es correcto.
Le numéro de votre commande sur Prestashop Addons n'est pas correct.
Numer zamówienia na Prestashop Addons jest nieprawidłowy.

This code will appear if your Order number in Prestashop Addons Marketplace has already been used on other websites.

The license of the module is unique for a website.

If you tested the module on a test website, do not worry, with the token of the module, you can select the correct domain on our platform where you can register for free.

How do I select my principal domain for the InstantPay module?

First, make sure our order number is correct in your InstantPay module:

Then if you still have the error message, copy your token and enter our platform . If you do not have an account, register for free.

On your account, go to Modules:

From here, you can list your domains with your token, add websites to your account and activate or disable your domains related to your order on Prestashop Addons Marketplace.

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