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Web Performance Optimization

Increasing web sales based on customer tracking and behavioural analysis



The speed of your website depends on several factors: server, server management panel, updates, recurring tasks, overloads, server bandwidth, optimisation and version of the processing language (e.g. PHP), service that provides the languages, density of your database, weight of your website images and if they are displayed asynchronously, size of cache files, optimisation of database queries, size of your .htaccess file, cache of your website,…
It is important to have all the options that contemplate the processing of your website by the browsers delimited and optimised, as this will directly affect your conversions and online sales.

Our WPO service includes all these optimisations, obtaining in this way the approval of Google Speed Insights for Mobile and Desktop.


1.- Initial Audit

We do a complete audit of your website and server to be able to see where the optimisation needs to start from and what points need to be developed. The report covers point by point the details of the code to be modified, the modules, extensions, plugins, themes and integrations to be optimised and the server services to be changed or updated. We also include how these web services interact with your clients’ browsers and what we will do to modify them for a better WPO score.
With this audit we expose the changes to your website which require the client’s approval. The vast majority of the time, our WPO optimisations do not require changes to the final design of the website.

2.- Developing changes in a safe environment

We perform all the optimisation on a secure server so that nothing interferes with the website published online.
Once the optimisation values proposed for a good score in Google Core Web Vitals have been reached, we run the second audit that includes the speeds of the different pages of the website to present them to the client. The client will be able to test the website in the secure environment and see the changes we made.

3.- Publication of changes online

At Grafeco Network we have uploaded countless websites of different types, different servers, different markets and different countries. For this reason, we have a very specific methodology for each type of website.
We will plan a date and time that is in line with your marketing campaigns to make the change. For most of the websites we launch, this change is completely invisible to your customers and will not affect your sales. In almost all cases, these changes will not even require you to put your website into maintenance.
Once these changes are published online, we provide the client a final report of the developed WPO and how Google is interpreting these changes.

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Monthly development and reporting

For clients who cannot make this investment, we also offer a monthly WPO improvement service, in which we analyse your website with the same guidelines but we divide the optimisation tasks into monthly instalments with gradual online changes so that you can check the evolution of the speed of your website month after month.

WPO Special Division

In Grafeco Network we have a team specialised in Web Performance Optimization, you can see all the features of the service and more technical details in our landing web for WPO:


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